Every law enforcement agency and security firm has a distinct need to track and manage officers in the field. BriteForce Dispatch provides the latest in mobile technology that delivers access to real-time data as it occurs in the field related to all officer activity and officer location, using integrated GPS technology.

With BriteForce, managers, dispatchers, and command staff are provided with a constant flow of information regarding all activity in the field including officer location without the need for AVL's resulting in increased command and control capabilities, particularly during emergency operations.

BriteForce DISPATCH is a complete and compact Computer Aided Dispatch system that maintains its own records management system. It was expressly designed for use with BriteForce MOBILE but can run as a standalone system as well. 

BriteForce DISPATCH delivers the necessary CAD system requirements most agencies and firms need to have, but without the multi-million dollar price tag of larger more expensive CAD systems. No special equipment is required as the system runs as a web application on any computer with a Chrome browser. 

To really appreciate what BriteForce DISPATCH can offer, you have to see it first-hand.

BriteForce DISPATCH interfaces with officers in the field running BriteForce MOBILE providing
  • Access to Officer activities in real time
  • GPS tracking of officers
  • Off postĀ and inactivity alerts
  • Two-way text communication
  • An RMS system for recording incidents and activities
BriteForce DISPATCH provides
  • Complete accountability of officer field activity in the field
  • A complete RMS system with robust search and report capabilities
  • Both out-of-the-box and customized reports
BriteForce DISPATCH provides
  • Real-time view of all officer activity
  • GPS tracking of officer location
  • GEO tagging of all incidents and events for analytic purposes
  • Rapid information sharing
  • Crime and event mapping capabilities
  • Vehicle and permit management
  • Data conversion and integration capabilities
  • Visitor log (with optional Visitor Management component)
  • Alert system (alerts can be sent manually, or can be generated when pre-programmed events occur)

Resulting in

  • Increased command and control capabilities
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Better collaboration