CollegeKeeping students safe is just about the only thing that is more important to the administration and parents than a quality education. A safe campus supports a better learning environment, improves on-campus quality of life, and enhances the college image. It is the responsibility of the campus security director to maintain that safety and confidence, as well as meet federally mandated crime reporting regulations.

With BriteForce software, the job is now easier for College Security and officers to do their jobs.

For the Officer
  • Student, employee, and faculty data (ported directly from college systems)
  • Vehicle data including permits
  • On-campus visitor list
  • ‘Banned’ lists
  • Past violations
  • Schedules for classrooms, students, and activities
  • ‘Voice to text’ transcriptions
  • Ability to attach photos to reports
  • Ability to record activity in just a few clicks and keystrokes


For the Security Director

  • Complete accountability of officer activity in the field
  • Ability to run stats to determine hot spots and troublemakers
  • Historical record of all violations
  • Robust search and reporting capabilities on all data
  • A vehicle with permit management list
  • A visitor management component for resident halls that feeds directly into the central database
  • Ability to query and port data in direct support of Clery regulations