How Briteforce helped Capital Crossroads

Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) are two non-profits that are funded by over 800 property owners in an 80-square block area in downtown Columbus. The SIDs employ special duty police officers and safety ambassadors who are committed to making downtown one of the safest neighborhoods in Central Ohio. In addition to proactive patrols, the SIDs link security professionals in both the public and private sector with one another through radio and electronic communications.

This private-public partnership has resulted in more efficient and effective communications that have enabled officers to more quickly identify persons of interest and enabled the police to more quickly apprehend criminals. In 2014, the National Homeland Security Association recognized the SIDs and the Division of Police for this outstanding partnership. “We have built a great communications network downtown over the last couple of years and I am thrilled Homeland Security honored us at their convention last year for that work,” says Lisa Defendiefer, the SIDs’ Deputy Director of Operations and Advocacy. “I am convinced that the BriteForce platform will allow us to build on this success and take us to the next level.”

Since the SIDs began utilizing the BriteForce platform last year, the SIDs communications between special duty police officers, SID staff and private security partners has become much more efficient. Special duty officers are no longer completing their log sheets with pen and paper. The officers are entering information electronically on BriteForce and can even take and upload photos of persons of interest in the field. Once entered, the information is immediately available to SID staff who can share pertinent information with its security partners via text or e-mail alerts. All of the information is automatically stored and can be easily accessed in the field or in the office at any time.

"The ease in which an officer can input, review and share pertinent information is remarkable. The officers genuinely like using this new tool and our communications’ efficiencies have improved tremendously. I have found that the team at BriteForce is incredibly responsive to our needs and is committed to building and maintaining a platform that truly helps our operations,” says Defendiefer. “The information that we have shared with our partners downtown has already resulted in successful outcomes. We intend to continue working with BriteForce and expanding this service in the future."


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