Easy to Learn

MobileThe Briteforce Suite is specifically designed to be an easy to use interface. All job functions within the Suite are designed to guide the user easily and intuitively with little to no training. With only 10 minutes of training a new user will be up and ready to productively use the system.

The Briteforce suite morphs to the needs of the user, containing multiple configurations designed to give each user access to only the functions they need for their job. No unused buttons cluttering the screen. Further, any function that cannot be used with a given piece of data, or that lacks use for a user per configuration, is automatically hidden. This leads to a streamline experience.

In app help buttons are available to provide help only about the function they belong to. So there is never a need to search through a long help document.

All together this makes the Briteforce experience easy enough for anyone, even a child, to figure out without training. This has been put to the test, though we still recommend 10 minutes of training so users can be made aware of the more powerful features available.