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F.A.Q. Section
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How do I access your software?
Briteforce ORS is Software as a Service. The software and all data are is hosted in the Cloud. This makes Briteforce accessible on any HTML5 compliant device that has internet access.

Is my data secure?
Of course! Briteforce hosts on a hardened server in an ISO 27001:2005 Cetified Facility. We use the last Encryption technology to keep the communications secure. All data is segregated so there is no fear of another client seeing your information.

What if I require Briteforce to run on my network?
Briteforce offers two options if you would prefer not to be hosted on our cloud server
1. The Briteforce ORS Appliance - We will lease you a server that you can place in your network's DMZ. Provide the machine internet access and we will support it remotely.
2. Provide Briteforce with access to a server with VMWare® and we will set up a virtual machine with all you need to run our software. As long as the machine is visible on the internet, we will support it remotely.

How much additional work should my IT staff expect?
Briteforce runs on any HTML5 compliant device. There is no software to install or support. Briteforce provides end user support via phone or email. Beyond the initial setup and depending on what integration needs there are, you can be up and running with no additional IT support in less than 24 hours.

What sort of data can I house in your system?
There really is no limit. We provide a robust API as well as integration services to help port any data you wish to be accessible. We understand that organizations are reticent to get rid of existing systems, so let Briteforce bolt on to them all so your data is readily used from a single entry point.


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