Hospital Security

One of the primary missions of Hospital Security is to ensure the safety and security of patients and staff, so the rest of the Hospital can focus on their mission of saving and improving lives.

Hospitals have unique security situations because they often have open access to most areas. Patients and visitors are often in a high state of anxiety where adherence to rules and societal norms may be ignored. Being able to tell who is a threat and who has a legitimate presence can be challenging for the security staff. Hospital Security often lacks the information to tell the difference.

BriteForce DESKTOP was designed to allow the user to access and manage security related data outside of a Risk Management System. The system runs completely stand alone and separate, but the user can also analyse and export the required information for use in their Risk Management platform should they desire. BriteForce allows you to record security related events such as parking violations, ban lists, and physical security checks without watering down Risk Management reporting.

The BriteForce system was designed with awareness in mind. The components collect information from all available sources and make it available to the security personnel in an organized as needed basis. BriteForce components work together with any mix of Wi-fi, LAN, or Cellular connections with little or no change to the hospital network infrastructure.


BriteForce Mobile provides security officers out-of-the-office with real-time to relevant information about the people and surroundings. No special equipment is needed as it runs on any modern SmartPhone over a cellular, or a Wi-Fi network.

With BriteForce Mobile, officers have

Real-time access to
  • Patient and employee basic information
  • Visitor data and restrictions (with Visitor Management Component)
  • Banned individual lists
  • Vehicle data (include permits)
  • Current and past incidents
  • Situational alerts on anything from safety hazards to persons of interest to crisis information
Digital reporting capabilities
  • Rapid reporting creation with hospital-defined common situation templates
  • Voice to text
  • Ability to attach photos, video, and audio to reports
  • Post instant alerts for actions by others such as facility repair, clean-up, or person in distress
Resulting in
  • An uncanny level of officer awareness
  • Preventive rather than reactive patrolling
  • No more written logs; more time interacting
  • Less reliance on radio contact

BriteForce Dispatch provides the command center with complete visibility into all activity from all sources. The application can run on any computer with an internet connection and a Chrome browser.

BriteForce Dispatch provides:

Real-time access to
  • Officer activities as they happen
  • GPS tracking of all outdoor officers
  • Incident reports being completed
  • Banned lists
  • Individuals of interest employee and vehicle information (with an option to integrate with other systems)
  • Off post and inactivity alerts for on-duty officers
Ability to
  • Query and filter all data in the BriteForce records management system
  • Monitor a developing situation and participate (such as researching a subject, calling for support, or simply communicating via a texting interface)
  • Ability to create alerts associated with people, locations, and officers
  • Create simple reports based on data being viewed
  • Maintain vehicle parking permits
  • Export data into spreadsheets

Just as the BriteForce system improves effectiveness for the Hospital Security department, it is also an important decision tool for Hospital Management.

For management, the BriteForce system provides:
  • Complete accountability of officer activity in the field
  • Ability to run stats to determine hot spots and troublemakers
  • Ability to query historical record on any entity (person, officer, location)
  • Data to support decisions on scheduling, staffing, and facility improvements
  • Support Risk Management planning with accurate record keeping