ORS Data Hub

IntegrationORS desktop and ORS mobile provide a complete CAD solution for organizations and can be set up in one day. There is even more value when data can be pulled from other sources and made available in the ORS system.

With Briteforce Integration Services (and cooperation of a “data partner”), important information can be shared securely that will ultimately benefit both parties in their respective missions.

The Briteforce Data Hub provides the framework for many integration possibilities.

When integrated with the City RMS System:

  • Access to known persons
  • Access to known addresses and occupants
  • Access to known vehicles
  • Be able to post maintenance alerts to the appropriate department

When integrated with County Sheriff’s department RMS

  • Access to county warrants
  • Access to county Orders of Protection
  • Access to sex offenders data base
  • Share data between county and city

When integrated with city housing authority tenant DB and Ban List

  • Access to Section 8 tenants
  • Access to banned individuals

When integrated with district public schools' data base

  • Access to student data (name and address) for truancy checks

When integrated with Briteforce Citizen Policing app

  • Instantaneous access to citizen reports

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