Law Enforcement

There are a remarkable number of tools available today to law enforcement officers. But perhaps the two most valuable crime-fighting tools for officers are information and the time it takes to access this information.

Crime fighters can be a lot more effective when they can get the most relevant information about a situation fast. Think about how Mobile Data Terminals in squad cars have dramatically reduced the time spent obtaining important information. Despite these advances, there are gaps.

Imagine if information was ported to a smartphone for easy access on foot, horse, or bike. Imagine if local businesses and landlords actively shared data in real-time. Imagine the benefits a community would gain through rapid information sharing, and delivery when its needed most.

It is possible.

Then imagine the time officers could save if they could complete reports using dictation through voice-to-text technology, document information from investigations in real time, and instantly take and attach photos to reports and case files.

It is possible.

Now imagine community events, such as fairs, tournaments, and festivals having their own easy-to-use dispatch system that can be accessed directly by law enforcement as needed. Also imagine easy collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders.

It is not only possible, the technology is available today with BriteForce software.

BriteForce Cross-Agency Collaboration

A police department of any size will already have a robust CAD system. However one of the problems with such systems is usage and sharing is confined within that police department. Outside agencies cannot contribute or reference data so any sharing tends to be manually driven via emails and Fax.

BriteForce complements existing CAD systems by adding a secure collaboration component. Data to be shared can be ported into the BriteForce system and made available per prescribed permissions. New data can be referenced directly from the BriteForce system, or ported into an existing CAD system. You can share a person, an incident, a location, a document, or other system entity. You can share it as Read-only or with update permissions.

  • With Rental Property Information Aggregation, rental properties can make their tenant and landlord data available digitally to law enforcement users.
  • Information can be shared selectively in real time with enforcement partners such as housing authorities, schools, campuses, and even other Law Enforcement agencies.
  • When there is a situation involving multiple law enforcement agencies, these new parties can be added and instantly share and collaborate on their Smart phone, tablet, or laptop.
BriteForce Mobile Investigator

Today officers have to rely on notepads, pens, and external devices like cameras and tape recorders. The BriteForce Mobile Investigator was designed to run on SmartPhones taking full advantage of all the built-in features for far more efficient and effective investigation activity.

Features include:
  • Voice-to-text transcription
  • Photo-taking from phone that can be attached to reports
  • Video-recording from phone that can be attached to reports
  • Audio-recording from phone that can be attached to reports (great for interviews)
  • Liberal use of checkboxes and dropdowns reduces keystrokes
  • Search as you type filtering means more rapid access to vehicle, person, and address information.
  • Hyperlinks means quick drill-thrus into related entities
  • Look up information from collaboration partners (such as housing agencies and nearby law enforcements)
  • Collaborate with other officers , HQ, and other agencies right in the field
BriteForce Community Event Mini-CAD

All communities have temporary events that attract large crowds and need security. Usually these will be off-duty policemen, private security, or even a new hire. Often these temporary security operations are paper intensive and lack the advantages of a true CAD system.

The BriteForce Mini-CAD is perfect for such situations

  • A moderate size venue can probably be set up in a couple of hours
  • New users can be added, changed, disabled by the administrator
  • No special equipment needed! MOBILE can run on any modern SmartPhone including IPhones, Androids, and Blackberries.
  • Information can be readily shared with the local police

After the event, the data can be retained for as longer the organizer would like.

BriteForce Integration Services

A challenge with any new software is getting it to talk with another system. BriteForce has an integration strategy to get systems talking quickly.

Today the BriteForce system can export data into spreadsheets that can be used for import into other systems. Similarly, BriteForce can accept data via normalized spreadsheets from other sources.

BriteForce technicians have the skill and experience to build custom integration solutions for clients. This can range from simple file exchanges to real-time web queries.