MobileBriteforce Mobile is a smart phone application that allows officers with tools, communication and data to look up persons, locations, organizations, vehicles and their history as well as maintain contact with their headquarters and other personnel. BriteForce Mobile provides security officers out-of-the-office with real-time to relevant information about the people and surroundings. No special equipment is needed as it runs on any modern SmartPhone or tablet over a cellular, or a Wi-Fi network.

Briteforce Mobile provides:

  • Warrant information
  • Arrest Records
  • Parolee Data
  • Alerts regarding post or developing situations
  • Resident information from participating housing agencies
  • Awareness alerts from participating businesses
  • Tenant Data
  • Vehicle Data

Resulting in:

  • No more written logs.
  • Improved situational awareness.
  • Better crime prevention.

Capabilities include:

  • ‘Voice to Text’ transcriptions
  • Attach photos to reports
  • Record activity in just a few clicks and keystrokes
  • Real-time posting in HQ of location and activates

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