Private Security

For Private Security firms, Briteforce ORS can greatly improve all aspects of the business.

For Private Security officers, Briteforce ORS MOBILE significantly reduces time to create field reports, increases situational awareness, and practically eliminates dependence on radio dispatchers.

For Private Security management, Briteforce ORS DESKTOP provides comprehensive real-time visibility over all officer activities, significantly reduces the overhead of radio dispatch, and streamlines reporting to clients.

For Private Security clients, they can get automated scheduled reports and real-time alerts, or they can have their own internet portal into security activity on their property

In short, Briteforce ORS improves efficiency and awareness for all Private Security stakeholders, thus saving costs while improving safety.


BriteForce DISPATCH interfaces with officers in the field running BriteForce MOBILE, meaning Management:

  • can view current status and GPS location of all officers in the field
  • can see activities and reports by Officers as they happen (no more waiting for handwritten reports to be transcribed)
  • can have reports routed per a prescribed 'approval workflow'
  • for existing incidents, can augment report and/or spawn new related incidents
  • can have automated shift reports emailed directly to clients (no more manual reports)
  • can receive email or SMS alerts to specific events
  • can restrict access of information to only authorized individuals (including by client)
  • can restrict access to functions based on the users role (i.e. supervisor, dispatch, clerk)
  • less paperwork for officers means more officer time in the field
  • less dependence on radio traffic from officers, means less demand on 'Radio Dispatch' personnel
  • can have activity reports automatically email to clients (more...)

The Briteforce ORS MOBILE guarantee: Your staff will save time while providing better support to customers and officers. Have your doubts? Pick your 'measures for success':

  • less radio dispatch calls
  • less manual reports to clients
  • faster assessment on all officers' status and locations
  • faster access to officer filed information
... then sign up for a free no-obligation trial, and decide for yourself. We guarantee you will be impressed.

ORS MOBILE operates on any smartphone and provides a fully functional "Officer Digital Notebook" plus complete access to the companies RMS data.

From ORS MOBILE, officers have:

  • Access to person, vehicle, and addresses lists
  • Access to current tenant lists (including client notes)
  • Access to known vehicle lists
  • Access to 'persons of interest' lists
  • Access to past incidents reports
  • Access to ban/trespass lists
  • Ability to create reports faster than ever with 'voice-to-text' transcription and prefilled in fields
  • Ability to attach photos to person, vehicle, addresses, and reports

The Briteforce ORS MOBILE guarantee: As an officer, you can be much more effective in the field. Not sure? Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself that you:

  • can create incident reports in half-the-time over handwritten reports
  • can instant access person, vehicle, and address data with no reliance on radio traffic
  • can share data instantly with fellow officers or post for next shift
We guarantee you will be impressed.

For Private Security Clients, BriteForce ORS provides:

  • Automated reports just minutes after a shift has ended
  • Email or SMS alerts to specific events

With Client portal can interface directly with the Private Security management and officers

  • can directly maintain tenant and vehicle lists
  • can view and maintain Ban/Trespass lists
  • can provide pictures of properties, tenants, and vehicles
  • can post informational and warning alerts on people, vehicles, and properties
  • can view all incidents related to their properties
  • can filter incidents by officer, tenant, address, date, or offense type

If your security firm cannot give you

  • Automated reports and alerts
  • Ability to maintain your tenant, vehicle, and ban lists from your office
  • Ability selectively view all incidents related to your properties

then be sure to let them know they can make that happen now, and reduce operational costs, with the Briteforce ORS system.

Or call our friendly Customer Support staff and we'll be glad to introduce them to the advantages of the Briteforce ORS System.