Property Management
Property Managers have a real challenge trying to keep crime low, costs down, and tenants happy. Unfortunately Property Managers often lack effective tools to help make that happen. Too often security officers hired by property management don't have access to important and relevant information. Property Managers also usually don't have the time or resources to monitor those security officers to ensure they are properly performing their duties. The sheer volume of data that is needed to effectively manage a security program can be overwhelming.

A mobile app that greatly increases situational awareness while reducing paper work.

With the app, officers have:

Instant access to
  • Tenant Data
  • Vehicle Data
  • Visitor List
  • Banned Lists
  • Past Violations
Digital reporting capabilities
  • Voice to text transcriptions
  • Attach photos to reports
  • Record activity in just a few clicks and keystrokes
Resulting in
  • More effective enforcement
  • No more written logs
  • More real-time collaboration

Web application that gives complete visibility and control of patrol activity.

Real-time access to:
  • Officer activities as they happen
  • GPS tracking of all officers in the field
  • Tenant violations
  • Current visitors (with Visitor Management component)
  • Current tenant info (as a result of integration services)
  • Ability to send alerts to officers for instant access
  • Ability to post alerts about tenants, people, and address (for reference by officer in the field)
  • Off postĀ and inactivity alerts for officers in the field

A web application for both real-time and historical access the system data.

  • Complete accountability of officer activity in the field even at odd hours
  • Historical record of tenant violations
  • Robust search and report capabilities on all data
  • A vehicle w/permit management list
Resulting in
  • Lower crime due to more rapid identification of undesirables
  • More officer time in the field due to less paperwork
  • Better decision making due to easy access to data
  • A better place to live resulting in lower vacancies
  • Potentially lower insurance rates because of preventative measures that reduce claims
  • A better place to live resulting in lower vacancies