Reducing Labor Cost

Briteforce has designed its system specifically for rapid data gathering and searching.

Using their own smartphone's voice-to-text features, users are able to input data on the move, at considerably greater speed then hand writing or even typing information. This alone can cut recording time in half.

Combined with the ability to search and attach existing entities, such as people or vehicles, to a report or event, means the elimination of duplicate data entry.

Briteforce customers typically report a 1 to 2 hour reduction of time spend searching through and recording information, per day, per field officer. One notable customer reported a saving of 25 hours per person per week.

If the time saved is used to reduce overtime, it spells out up to a 10% to 20% savings on labor cost of field officers. If the saved time is kept on the clock, that instead means 10%-25% more time being productive.

Try out our savings calculator below, and see what Briteforce can do for your business.